WorkBC Centre Burns Lake Offers:

Case Management

Case Management involves collaboration between a client and a Case Manager who work together to identify and overcome barriers to employment. The goal of this collaboration is to find the quickest route to employment for the client.

Self-Serve Services

A staffed resource area for using job search tools and information that includes:

  • Computer Workstations
  • Internet Access
  • Public Telephones
  • Fax Machines
  • Photocopy Services
  • Informational Materials

Job search and job start financial supports for eligible clients who need help getting started in a new job or need help looking for work.

Services to Clients

Personal services and supports include things like:

  • Group Workshops or Individual Sessions
  • Training Services
  • Customized job placement and work experience placement services for clients with significant barriers to employment.
  • Self-employment Assessment Services

In some cases, financial supports are available for eligible clients.

To be eligible for personal services and supports you must be unemployed and legally allowed to work in British Columbia.

You are considered unemployed if you:

  • Are not working
  • Are working an average of fewer than twenty (20) hours per week, AND
    • Are actively seeking full-time employment
    • Are unable to work full-time because of a disability, but want to work more hours
  • Have received a notice that you will be laid off soon
  • Must leave your current job because of a medical reason
  • Are at significant risk of losing your employment because of a disability

If you are a person with a disability and need help to keep your job, we can help you. Contact us to find out how.

Full-time students are not considered unemployed.

To legally work in BC you must have a Social Insurance Number. If your Social Insurance Number begins with a “9”, contact us to discuss eligibility.

Not all unemployed BC job seekers are eligible for personal supports and services—we will help find out what services and supports are right for you.

Services to Employers

Wage Subsidy Services

  • Offers an incentive to employers designed to offset the cost of a new employee who would not otherwise be hired.

Employment Opportunity

  • Employers can post their job vacancies on our job board free of charge.

Workers on Call Program

  • Enhanced service to help connect employers with workers for short-term employment.

Customized Employment Services

  • CES services are an intensive level of service that involves the creation of a new job or self-employment opportunity that is customized to the individual needs, skills, abilities and contribution of a client.