WorkBC Centre - Burns Lake

132C Francois Lake Drive
Burns Lake, BC, V0J 1E0
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
8:30AM - 4:30PM PST
11:00AM - 7:00PM PST

Service Where You Need It

We make a sincere effort to provide a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive environment for any individuals visiting our office. We pride ourselves on ensuring accessibility of service to our clients regardless of their geographic location or ability to access our physical locations. We provide service to clients that require it, where they need it.

Meeting Your Needs

Our combination of physical locations, mobile outreach, itinerant services, and virtual service delivery of employment services has given us avenues to reach clients of diverse abilities, geographical location, and lifestyle. As always, a client’s unique needs will dictate the best approach in service delivery.

Overcoming Barriers

We place a high value on removing barriers to employment and improving employment access for all our clients. Our office has been delivering employment services in Vanderhoof and the surrounding area since 1997.